EXOTIX is a project started in 2002 that is emerging in the course of years of occupation.

Our environment is that of exotic fruit, but not all.
The fruit is always fascinating, as is nature. The food is linked to the exotic flavor and taste can evoke strong emotions, to arouse the dream.

My name is Giorgio Mancuso and now operates as a horticultural agent.

The passion for the exotic was born in the late ’90s, when the first products were introduced in Italy Avocado unusual, but capable of attracting the attention of operators who have already pointed to the potential of development of import.

I’ve always had, by family tradition, with special attention on citrus.
My grandfather fact lemons exported to England almost 100 years ago.
And it’s natural for me now deal with lemons, but also lime, a product that I prefer, among the many exotic treated.

Over the years I have learned to select the best suppliers to offer my customers quality products with a fair price, trying to fairly reward all those involved in the process of production and distribution, trying to cut unnecessary costs, long Storing and avoiding, as far as possible, any kind of speculation that, at the end of the game, it hurts everyone because it is almost always a sharp slowdown in sales.

* Fresh, wholesome, tasty and guaranteed by international standards Global Gap.

* A dynamic and fast logistics, which maintains a constant line of cold, low costs, which allows you to connect production and consumption in a short time is a guarantee of freshness to the last link in the chain: the end customer can be loyal only If you have a pleasant experience eating our products.

* A constant attention to the people, human relations, to mutual respect where cooperation is favored in the competition. Our society often pushes us to contrast and clash, in order to prevail on each other, although most of the time, in hindsight, there are still market opportunities for those who work with seriousness and professionalism.

* A lot of passion and desire to always improve.

These are the ingredients of my job, always trying to be all happy, as far as possible, and also to pass the time during which work nicely.

The work is hard for everyone, but with a “right” spirit can also be a source of entertainment and some satisfaction, among other unexpected.

Call me to enrich your range of products, to search hard to find an article, or to reach a remote village with 2 kg of Rambutan.

The goals that are almost impossible ones I inspire more.

I do not guarantee miracles, but we put all the effort possible, and even if we fail to arrive, we can make an experience that makes us richer, why engage with a project, however small, makes us feel still closer.
And this is already a great achievement.

Giorgio Mancuso

giorgio.mancuso @ exotix.it

tel (39) 389 1659 450
fax (+39) 0736 525191